Our Authors

Rupert Sheldrake

RUPERT SHELDRAKE is a former Research Fellow of the Royal Society and was a scholar of Clare, College Cambridge, and a Frank Knox Fellow at HarvardUniversity. He is the author of several ground-breaking books in the field of new science, including biology.

He is the author of our books A New Science of Life, The Rebirth of Nature, and The Presence of the Past.


George Leonard and Michael Murphy            
GEORGE LEONARD, a pioneer in the field of human potential, a author of twelve books in this field. Leonard holds a fifth-degree black belt in aikido, and is co-owner of a martial arts school in Mill Valley, California. He is founder of Leonard Energy Training (LET), a transformative practice inspired by aikido, which he introduced to some 50,000 people in the U.S. and abroad. This former magazine editor and U.S. Air Force pilot is a past president of the Association of Humanistic Psychology in the United States, and currently serves as president of Esalen Institute. He received Doctor of Humanities degrees from Lewis and ClarkCollege and JohnF.KennedyUniversity.

George Leonard and Michael Murphy are the co-writers of our book Life We are Given.


Eli Jaxon-Bear

ELI JAXON-BEAR was born in Elliot Jay Zeldow in Brooklyn, New York, in 1947. After an eighteen-year spiritual search that took him around the world and into many traditions and practices, he was pulled to India in 1990 where he met his final teacher, Sri. H.W.L. Poonja.
Eli Jaxon-Bear is the editor of Wake up and Roar: Satsang with H.W.L. Poonja, Vol. 1 and 2, and the author of Healing the Heart of Suffering: The Enneagram and Spiritual Growth, and Lied der Freiheit (Song of Freedom).

He is the author of our book The Enneagram of Liberation.

Swami Siddheswarananda

SWAMI SIDDHESWARANANDA (1897-1957), born into the royal family of Cochin in Kerala, who became a monk of the Ramakrishna order. Receiving his initiation from Swami Brahmananda, one of the foremost disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, he spent most of his life in service to French adherents of Vedanta. He founded and, until his death, was the spiritual head of the Centre Vedantique Ramakrichna in the picturesque river town of Gertz-Armainvilliers, France. This teaching is the culmination of a lifetime of spiritual search and includes commentaries on aspects of the Mandukya Upanishad.

He is the author of our book The Metaphysical Intuition.

Alan Sasha Lithman

ALAN SASHA LITHMAN was in the forefront of the most positive social changes taking place in the 60s, joining the global community-building experiment of Auroville, India, which continues today. After meeting The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in nearby Pondicherry, he helped jumpstart the movement that turned and ecologically ravaged plateau into a lushly vegetated, multicultural community. This evolutionary activist is a lecturer-writer engaged in a number of social, environmental, and community-based initiatives worldwide, including the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which helped underwrite this book.

He is the author of our book
An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium.

Sankara Saranam

SANKARA SARANAM is founder of the Pranayama Institute, Inc. and head monk of the Nazir Order. Writer and teacher, world traveler and lecturer, he also plays classical guitar, composes music, and writes poetry. A discipline of Paramahansa Yogananda, he was initiated in advanced techniques of raja yoga pranayama in the Self-Realization Fellowship Swami Order of Kriya Yogis. He now devotes his life to making pranayama techniques available worldwide at no cost.
Born ins 1968 to Iraqi Jewish parents who had fled their homeland years before, Sankara was raised in the Midwest and New York City. He studied aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan and classical guitar at Manhattan School of Music; received his bachelor of Arts degree in Religion from Columbia University, where he graduated magna cum laude; and received his master’s degree in Eastern Texts from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He currently resides in a log cabin in northern Georgia with his wife and their young son.
Sankara writes a weekly online column that reaches students in over seventy countries worldwide.

He is the author of our book God Without Religion.


Madhukar, who awakened under the guidance of his spiritual mentor, satguru “Papaji” (H.W.L. Poonja) of Lucknow, presents a teaching so relaxed that he indicates relaxing is still more effort than is needed to receive it. Any effort for someone who is already Peace itself is obviously unnecessary, and this teacher is not willing to settle for anything less than what already exists: our true being, the Essence.
Why this simplicity is not an actuality to most is pursued by him through the tangle of concepts and words we call our lives. Identifying ourselves with our moods, positive and negative opinions, the poison that is our doubts, and the tyrants called feelings are some of the aspects he identifies as the ego-centered programming of many lifetimes.
With his guru, this former TV broadcaster in Germany became immersed in effortlessness, and is now effectively communicating this ease in a powerful and radical yet loving and humorous style in the West and in India.

Isaac Shapiro

ISAAC SHAPIRO is one of those rare human beings who have the courage to walk their talk. Urged by his teacher, Sri H.W.L. Poonja, he guides seekers from all parts of the world, gently, with compassion and humor, away from suffering and confusion to the very heart of their being, to freedom, to That which is.
Isaac Shapiro is at the cutting edge of spiritual exploration. He is an embodiment of the New Man.—Arjuna Ardagh, author of the best-selling The Translucent Revolution.

He is the author of our books namely
, It Happens by Itself and Escaping from Dream Tiger.

Steven Harrison

STEVEN HARRISON has spent his life exploring the nature of consciousness and its expression. He is an international speaker on the topics of consciousness, human development, relationship, and alternative education, and has authored six books. He is a founder of All Together Now International, a charitable organization that provides aid to street children and the destitute in
Nepal. He is also a founder of The Living School, a learning community in Boulder, Colorado, where he lives.

He is the author of our books The Question to Life's Answers, What's Next After Now?, and Being One.

Timothy Conway

TIMOTHY CONWAY, Ph.D., has intensively studied spirituality and psychology for over 20 years, and has trained thoroughly and widely in the sacred traditions, studying with many of the most esteemed spiritual leaders of our time. Insightful scholar and sage, he teaches highly acclaimed courses and workshops on sacred traditions, deep spirituality, meditation, conscious dying, peacemaking, and stress management. Timothy has several forthcoming works, including Women of Spirit, a vast source book on the world’s female adepts (India’s Sages) Nondual Wisdom from the Heart of Freedom (to be published in two volumes in the fall of 2007), focusing on over 30 tremendous spiritual luminaries from India&s modern era (India’s Sages Source Book) Nondual Wisdom from Hindus, Buddhists, Jainas, Tantriks, Sants, Sikhs, and Sufis (Our Religions & Future) Truths, Trends, and Challenges for Old and New Spiritualities (Healing Our WorldÑCrucial Solutions for Urgent Problems) A Call for EcoWisdom, Social Justice, and Spiritual Liberation (Spirit, Science, and Deep Wonder) Discovering Consciousness, Cosmos, Life, Afterlife, and Other-Life (Jesus, God-Man) A Cross-Cultural, Deeper Inquiry into Yeshua’&s Life, Teachings, and Love.
Timothy lives and teaches in Santa Barbara, California.

He is the author of our book Women of Power and Grace.

Ekkirala Bharadwaja

ACHARYA EKKIRALA BHARADWAJA did his M.A. (English) at Andhra University in 1959, and worked as Lecturer in English in several colleges in Andhra Pradesh from the early 1960s till he quit in the mid-seventies to pursue a spiritual path of life.

Always a seeker of Truth, Bharadwaja visited many saints and religious places in his early years. Jullellamudi Amma, Ramana Maharshi, and Shirdi Sai Baba's lives and teachings made an indelible imprint on his young mind. As a result, he spent a number of years in JillallamudiHe spent a number of years in Jillellamudi, observing and analyzing Amma's philosophy at close quarters.

He authored many books in English and Telugu on Amma, Shirdi Sai Baba, and other saints. He was also a former editor of Matrusri, the monthly jounal in English published from  Jillellamudi by the Publications Division of Sree Viswajanani Parishat there.

Karl Renz

KARL RENZ is originally from the Lower Saxony area of Germany. He studied agriculture beforefocusing on art, and since 1980 he has worked in Berlin as a musician and painter.
Toward the end of the 1970s, Karl had a profound inner experience that awakened him to the realization of immortality and dissolved the concept of a separate self. Since the early 1990s, he has responded to numerous invitations to hold dialogues and meetings throughout the world.

He is the author of our book The Myth of Enlightenment.


ANTHONY PAUL MOO-YOUNG, affectionately known as 'MOOJI', was born on 29 January 1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica. In 1969, he moved to the UK and he is presently living in Brixton, London.
In 1987, a chance meeting with a Christian mystic was to be a life-changing encounter for Mooji. It brought him, through prayer, into the direct experience of the Divine within. As his spiritual consciousness awakened, a deep inner transformation began which unfolded in the form of many miraculous experiences and mystical insights. A great peace entered his being, and has remained ever since.
 In 1993, Mooji felt compelled to visit India. Whilst there, an inexplicable pull drew him into the presence of Sri Harilal Poonja, the renowned Advaita Master, also known as ‘Papaji’. “If you wish to realise the Truth,” Papaji told him, “you must completely disappear.” Through the power and grace of his Master’s presence, his mind irreversibly merged with its source.
Since 1999, Mooji has been sharing this realisation in the form of spontaneous encounters, retreats, satsang intensives, skype dialogues and one-to-one meetings with the many seekers who visit him, from all parts of the world, in search of the direct experience of truth.
Presently Mooji shares satsang in the UK, Italy, India, Brazil, America, Germany, and Spain. He is ever open to meeting sincere seekers of Truth, whatever their background.

He is the author of our book Before I Am.

Paramahamsa Tewari

Former Executive Director (Nuclear Projects) of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Paramahansa Tewari is the engineer who developed the Space Vortex Theory, which strengthens the existing foundations of classical mechanics, and points towards an alternative to quantum physics. In addition to holding responsible positions in various large engineering construction organizations, he was also deputed abroad for a year at the Douglas Point Nuclear Project, Canada. He is the former Project Director of the Kaiga Atomic Power Project.  His breakthrough development of the space power generator (SPG) resulted in the granting of an Indian patent for this increased efficiency homopolar generator. He is the author of numerous books and papers in his field.

He is the author of our book Discovering Universal Reality.

Marc Luyckx Ghisi

For 10 years Marc Luyckx Ghisi has advised presidents of the European Commission Jacques Delors and Jacques Santer. He was a member of the Forward Studies Unit of the European Commission from 1990 to 1999. In 2003, the innovative CortugliBusinessAcademy was found in Zagreb, Croatia, with the support of the WorldBusinessAcademy, pointing businesses toward the concept of profit as a consequence of the way one works for the common good. Ghisi is Dean of that school, which also prepares its students for the Knowledge Society and the EU Lisbon Strategy (2000-2010). He is also Senior Advisor to Business Solutions Europa in Brussels and Vice Chairman of the Auroville International Advisory Council, Auroville, India.

He is the author of our book The Knowledge Society.

Dr. A.S. Dalal

As well as comparing aspects of Eckhart’s teaching and Sri Aurobindo’s yoga, Dr. A. S. Dalal relates these teachings to the story of his own spiritual quest.
A Moslem by birth, Dr. Dalal was born in Tanzania, moved to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram for seven years, then worked in the U.S. as a psychologist for over two decades before returning to the ashram where he now lives. He has compiled ten books based on the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and has written two books integrating Sri Aurobindo’s psychological thought with modern psychology. Various books of his, published in India and abroad, have been translated into French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Korean, and several Indian languages.

He is the author of our book
Eckhart Tolle and Sri Aurobindo.

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