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Eckhart Tolle & Sri Aurobindo
Two Perspectives on Enlightenment

Dr. A. S. Dalal

The teachings of the break-away best-selling author of “The Power of Now” and an eminent modern Hindu mystic are insightfully examined for their similarities and contrasts in a very readable and transformative study by an Aurobindo scholar and psychologist. Exclusive interview with Eckhart Tolle in India included.

Imprints: EI≈ ISBN 10: 81-89658-31-X,
ISBN 13: 978-81-89658-31-1; pp. 172; paperback; 5½ x 8½ inches;
Rs. 300, $14.95, £10.95, €12.95

The Knowledge Society A Breakthrough Toward Genuine Sustainability

Marc Luyckx Ghisi 

Advisor to presidents of the European Commission and a futurist economist, the author makes readers vividly aware that the patriarchal paradigm that has infused society for many years of environmental destruction is already giving way to what he expects to be a sea change toward the feminine model of development. A fascinating, lively update on where the world might be headed.
Imprints: EI & AP; ISBN 10: 81-89658-14-X,
ISBN 13: 978-81-89658-14-4; pp. 228; paperback; 6 x 9;
Rs. 375, $22.95, £19.95, €21.95


Before I Am The Direct Recognition of Our Original Self


 With a fresh vision of nondual spirituality, responding to questioners in the memorable imagery of his two cultural backgrounds—the West Indies and the U.K.—Mooji brings listeners to a deep awareness in what seems like a remarkably short span of time at his Tiruvannamalai retreats and sessions held throughout the world.

Imprints: EI & AP; ISBN 10: 81-89658-18-2,
ISBN13: 978-81-89658-18-2; pp.172; paperback; 5 ½ x 8½;
Rs.295; $14.95, £10.95, €12.95

The Myth of Enlightenment
Seeing Through the Illusion of Separation

Karl Renz

A German painter and musician as well as mystic, the author skillfully and uncompromisingly terminates the conflict of trying to “spiritualize” the mind with concepts. Highly readable, amusing, thought-stopping, and succinct, he appeals to the contemporary and realistic reader disinterested in following gurus.

Imprint: Editions India; ISBN 81-89658-12-3
pp. 232; paperback; 5 ½ x 8½;
Rs. 375, $14.95, £10.95, €12.95

Coming Home Rediscover Beingness (Second Edition)

Jan Kersschot, M.D.

Forword by Tony Parsons
Preface by Douglas Harding
With a new Introduction by the author

Category: Non-Dual Spirituality
Belgian physician and author Jan Kersschot has written this book as an initiation into a new way of seeing, into the recognition that being concerned about life is not the practical defensive stance we have to accept as necessary to advance in the world and to survive.

Likewise, the simplicity of everyday life is not the negative we've been taught to avoid, but an entryway into the "open secret." Kersschot gives easier access to what Zen Budhdhism, Taoism, Vedanta, and Tantra all describe, with a writing style that's direct, compelling, and requires no religious or philosophical touchstones. He moves the reader "beyond effort, belief, and path into a new perception," as author Tony Parsons says.

Imprints: EI & AP; ISBN 10:  81-89658-41-7, ISBN 13: 97-88-189658-41-0
pp. 176; paperback; 6 x 8.
Rs. 325, $16.95, £14.95, €16.95


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