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STONE HILL FOUNDATION PUBLISHING, based in Cochin, Kerala, India, offers outstanding books on the subjects of body/mind/spirit, ecology/ecospirituality, science/new science, social science/sustainability, new paradigms in science and spirituality, nonsectarian and nondual consciousness studies, spiritual teachings, and the wisdom traditions of the world through its imprints EDITIONS INDIA and ARUNACHALA PRESS.
The market for books on spirituality and mind/body subjects is the fastest growing for any segment of the book market in India. We are not only publishing the most significant international authors in India, but we are also introducing a number of our authors to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and English-speaking Africa, U.S., U.K., and Europe by publishing them for the world market under our international imprint Arunachala Press. We have an increasing list of original titles under this imprint.

Our books are nonsectarian. Those that are reprints under our Editions INDIA imprint have been harvested from the best small presses abroad—publishers who are connoisseurs of the most valuable new writing in the West in the specialized field of nondual spirituality and the new paradigm. Their authors are found highly recommended on Web sites devoted to this subject field, and many tour extensively around the world, including India. STONE HILL FOUNDATION PUBLISHING seeks to help facilitate the India tours of as many of these authors as possible so that readers will have the opportunity to meet these outstanding writers/teachers, and the media will be interested in interviewing them, thus promoting our books. A number of our authors also have Web sites where readers can learn more about their teachings.
Our imprint ARUNACHALA PRESS is named for the famed red stone hill rising above Sri Ramana Maharshi’s ashram in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. It brings out original titles for the Indian and world markets, acquired both in India and abroad. Our imprint FESTIVAL BOOKS also produce original titles, but in highly illustrated, formats, on topics including spiritual centers and spiritual figures. One Word Press in an imprint of original titles published for the Asian and world markets, consists of scholarly books that are equally appealing to the lay reader.
We market our carefully produced books in South Asia with new and professional methods of promotion and publicity. Our covers speak for themselves in terms of eye appeal and information designed for the reader to quickly catch the spirit of each author’s work. The spines of our books are specially designed so that they will be attractive even from a distance. Pages of testimonials occur in many of our books, and a number have additional front and back matter, including exclusive author interviews.
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